Personal loans from banks: five issues is essential to know

When asked for a personal loan , we have to take into account a number of issues, before knowing if we are offering good conditions , conditions that although at first they may seem very beneficial in the long run may not be so , know these issues and explain what information we asked to see if they approve the transaction.

What interest will I pay for my loan ?

To really know that I pay interest on the loan we would have to give the APR of it , usually for personal loans is often used a fixed interest rate , and that his return is linked to a shorter space of time than any mortgage loan, and interest are usually higher because the borrowed capital is not secured return , personal loans generally have a maximum duration of 60 months.

What depreciation system has my loan?

With any loan simulator could calculate the fee you pay , and interest , we know that depreciation method does our loan, the most used method is French loan with constant quota .
Is it worth it to pay asap?

Sometimes we fall into the error that we cancel the loan , when we have already paid most of the interest, to know that we are part of interest we can ask the entity that we provide the financial table of the same , even there are consumer loans where interest is paid on a payment.

What roles do I have to submit?

In most cases we will ask us to sign the application for the CIRBE , the CIRBE to check with the financial institution if you have more debts to other entities.

National identification .

Last six payroll and contract, including work life.

Tax returns last year.

What types of loans exist?

There are two types of personal loans and mortgages . Although we see many names as credit car loan , home loan , most are personal loans , although we can refer that there are personal loans at the time if we would have to differentiate from the rest as they carry a very high interest .

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