Apr 11

Decalogue security for online payments

There are numerous methods and online payment systems . All these systems offer different alternatives to make online payments , whether to buy online or pay for a service. But these methods are safe ? Below are listed ten measures to secure payments .

Online Payments

Shop and pay online is an everyday thing .

The convenience of purchasing something from the chair home, with lots of features , sometimes cheaper, and without time each day makes users to make payments online .

There are many payment methods online, but none is perfect , depending on what you are buying or selling , we will use one or the other .

However, it is more uncertain buy online than any physical site.

Of course, the safest way is payment on delivery , since cash is handled and not to pay anything until you have acquired it in the online stores , in his hands.
Safety Tips

1 No public access places or used by others wifi or computers for online banking .

2 Access to the bank by typing the address directly into the browser , always from your home page, but never from links in emails .

3 web page address of the bank should start with https and in the bottom of the browser should display a padlock. This indicates it is a secure page.

4 Using strong passwords with uppercase, lowercase , numbers, and have different on each page.

5 Close the session to complete an operation , and not just close the site .

6 Never reply to emails payment service confirmation requesting access data or keys , or other personal information.

7 Using security programs such as antivirus computer . There are also pages, which checks whether the browser accepts a secure connection.

8 Check that the seller has been a member of the payment service for at least a few months .

9 Using trusted sites that have a secure communication system , and read the Privacy Policy .

10 All that remains is to use common sense .