Apr 11

Financial Glossary : the terms that should be known

Although money is an important element in this civilization , most people lack basic knowledge of financial terms. The following explains some concepts that should be included in any financial glossary .
financial literacy

The crisis has produced common people tipping to further knowledge of everything related to economic terms , especially those related to loans, debts, interest , deficit, unpaid , and many others.

Still others have come to equity markets for the first time , to invest their savings , seeking to increase the profitability of their investments.
Finance for kids

It is worth mentioning that financial literacy should start from an early age to purchase . In this sense , there is much that the Internet has provided , both children and adults.

For smaller house a website like :

Finanzasparatodos.es may mean a start for handling terms as savings, debt and other bank or that this site includes in its ” Financial glossary for children.”
For its part, the distribution company Atena – librosyenciclopeidas.espacioblog.com offers the book ” Financial education for children , which brings real financial glossary for children with the concepts of interest , money, credit , budget, explained in a way easy and accessible.
Increased interest in finance

For those seeking more specialized definitions which can provide the Dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy, the electronic office of La Caixa , Portal.lacaixa.es , offers a “Dictionary of financial and economic terms ” , which are the meanings of economic terms as detailed below.

Following the global economic downturn, the average citizen became interested and finance on some concepts as:

doubtful assets

They are loans granted by banks whose shares have been delinquent less than ninety days .

senior debt

It is a debt that has priority over others when a situation of liquidation or bankruptcy of a family or company . For example , a mortgage is a senior debt to the bank and this will be the first to be charged before other creditors .

What are common actions

Are those who do not enjoy privileges or no rights . Are those with the most shareholders , normal.

What are financial obligations

Are the debts arising from a credit received , are affected by an interest and amortize term , and other terms agreed between the parties.

Stock Exchange

Commonly known as the Stock Exchange, where the stock market is taking place . In this daily traded stocks, bonds and other financial assets of the companies listed on the stock exchange , which is controlled by the National Securities Market .

Many companies are integrated into the Exchange to sell some of their actions and improve your finances , increasing your capital.

In summary, it is important to purchase from kids financial literacy that allows handling specialized vocabulary in this area to know more precisely what happens to the money itself .